Rockhounding and Nephrite Jade Information

After exploring old mining districts, mountainsides, road cuts and other rock outcrops hunting minerals for the past several decades, I’ve been spending more time exploring for nephrite jade and studying jade deposits in the Western USA. Even with retirement, there simply isn’t enough time to get everything done. I still have hundreds of minerals from the Northwest to study, especially from Idaho for the third edition of Idaho Minerals.

I’m still working on that book, but the past few years I’ve been concentrating on studying jade, something I’ve done since I cut the first thin section of Washington jade in 1969. I’ve hunted jade in Washington since then and studied the in situ deposits. I’ve also hunted jade in Wyoming, Nevada and California, and a little in British Columbia.


New Book on Washington Jade:

Nephrite Jade of Washington and Associated Gem Rocks

 fCoal Crk cover small

Other books by Lanny R. Ream that are still available through bookstores.



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