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Idaho Minerals, 2nd edition

I was busily working on a new edition of Idaho Minerals, updated with the many new discoveries I've made and others have made in Idaho since the first edition was published (1989), planning on loading the new edition with color photographs and publishing it as an ebook. Before that was completed, the opportunity came up to have it plublished in paperback. The new edition is 370 pages and has 360 color photographs. There also are 22 black and white crystal drawings and four maps. The 2nd edition is expanded from the first edition (revised and updated) with the same format with three major descriptive chapters in the first section covering the Coeur d'Alene Mining District, Blackbird Mining District and the Sawtooth Mountains, three of Idahos most famous localities. The second section is an alphabetical listing and description of the minerals. These descriptions include locality information, description of the minerals, associated minerals and their occurrence. There are 39 new mineral descriptions; minerals new to the state that have been discovered since the first edition. In addition, there are many new occurrences of the minerals described in the first edition. There also is a new expanded index, with all minerals and localities.

The retail price of the 2nd edition, updated and revised, of Idaho Minerals is $27.95. Idaho Minerals, 2nd edition, 6 x 9 inches, paperback, 370 pages, 360 color photographs, 22 black and white crystals drawings and 4 maps; ISBN: 0-9723356-3-3.

For wholesale inquiries, contact the publisher at:

Museum of North Idaho, PO Box 812, Coeur d'Alene, ID 83816-0812

208-664-3448; www.museumni.org


$27.95 + 3.00 s&h = $30.95

Gem Trails of Idaho and Western Montana

by Lanny R. Ream


Published by Gem Guides Book Co.

Gem Trails of Idaho and Western Montana is a new guide book to gem and mineral localities in Idaho and the western part of Montana. This guide provides information and directions to 51 localities in Idaho and 44 localities in Western Montana. It also includes three localities in Eastern Oregon and one in northern Nevada that are near the Idaho borders and may be on your route.

Each location description includes directions, including a map and GPS coordinates, tools needed and a description of the occurrence with suggestions on collecting and other useful information. There is plenty of information to help you enjoy a trip collecting in these two great states.

Gem Trails of Idaho and Western Montana is available from Amazon.com, Rockshops and book stores; the price is $14.95.

Request ISBN: 978-1-889786-51-3


MinDex: The Mineral Locality-Periodical Index - latest edition indexed through April 2012.

Requires Mac OS X; or Windows 98 or greater.

MinDex 2011-12, updated through April 2012.

This is an index to the mineral periodicals (The Mineralogical Record, Mineral News, Rocks & Minerals (last 49 years), Matrix, World of Stones, Mineralogical Almanac, extraLapis English, all of The Mineral Collector and Micro Probe) and a locality index. Search for all localities or particular mineral in a state or country, for all references to a mine or other locality, search for all localities where your favorite rare mineral has been found, or all articles on any mineral by your favorite author. With notations on unusual forms, scepters, twins, inclusions, pseudomorphs and phantoms, plus a photo index. If the information has been published in these periodicals, it is in this index!

This is a complete index to the periodicals with every article, author, photograph, map, locality, mineral, special mineral characteristic (scepter, twin, inclusion, unusual habit--stalactite, skeletal, epitaxy, pseudomorph, etc.), and even letters to the editor that contain additional mineral or locality information and error corrections.

This is a fully searchable database available for both Mac and Windows. It is large with more than 83,000 records to serve your research and collecting interests and needs.

MinDex contains complete data for the Mineral News, The Mineralogical Record, Matrix, Micro Probe, Mineralogical Almanac, extraLapis English, The Mineral Collector, World of Stones and the last 44 years of Rocks & Minerals. The price is only $45 (includes s&h), for delivery to foreign addresses add $5 S&H). Owners of previous versions can upgrade to MinDex 2011-12 for $10. To order, see below for ordering information.


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