When we had our fill of Freezeout, we drove back up to the main road and turned east. Our next stop was at an area with large, mostly rounded garnets in the road on the south side of Crater Peak, 2.8 miles east of the junction to Freezeout. There is a small pit above the road, and many garnets in the road. Most of the garnets are reddish brown and granular with rough faces. A few are fairly sharp. The largest crystals were over 2 inches across.


Dexter looking for garnets in the road on the south side of Crater Peak.

The small pit at the edge of the road.


A few almandine crystals as they were found on the edge of the road.


Two of the crystals from the road: Almandine, rough dodecahedron, that does show its form, 1 1/4 inches across.

Almandine, similar rough dodecahedron, 1/2 inch across.

About 0.25 mile east of this, the road turns north at the southeast corner of Crater Peak, there is a camping area where the road crosses the ridge. We stopped here for the night. It was a short walk, 0.2 mile to the north to another area with garnets in the road where we walked up and collected for a while. These garnets were similar to those at the previous site, but averaged a little smaller and some had slightly cavernous faces.


Almandine, rough dodecahedron, 1 1/2 inches across.

Almandine, rough dodecahedron, with cavernous faces 1 inch across.

John left us at this time, hoping to return for Tuesday’s collecting, but was unable to do that. Helmar and Heidi did not have camping gear with them, so drove back down to their rented bunkhouse at the Forest Service’s Clarkia Work Center. The Leonard’s and I had a nice cool, quiet night camping under the stars, but managed to get too much sleep and too little watching the Perseids meteor shower.

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