Several members of the Rockhounds mailing list (for information visit: www.eclecticlapidary.com/Rockhounds/links.html) met near Clarkia in northern Idaho to collect garnets and kyanite at several locations in the metamorphic rocks east of Clarkia. The trip started after 10:30 Monday morning, August 11, 2008. I (Lanny Ream), had visited the area a few times in the past so volunteered to show other Rockhounds members some sites. Attending were Dexter and Margo Leonard from Corvallis, OR; Hilmar and Heidi Krocke from Vancouver, BC and John Seibel from Santa, ID.

The main mineral sites that would be visited were Freezeout Mountain for kyanite and garnet and Moses Butte, also for kyanite and garnet. The caravan drove up road 301, easterly from Clarkia, and stopped at the forest road junction at White Rock Spring to take a quick look around where nothing was found. After that, we drove on further, climbing up to the saddle at Mountain Springs (formerly Squaw Springs on your maps). Garnets occur in this area from a short distance after the springs for a distance of about 0.5 mile. These are almandine, they are granular to glassy solid chunks of a purplish red color. Most are rounded and poorly formed, but some do display faces. The group was able to find several in the road and a few in the rocks towards the end of the area searched.

We drove on from there, go to the Freezeout page for information on the next stop.


Kyanite, in situ, Freezeout Mountain, Idaho.

Go to Freezeout. Go to Crater Peak. Go to Moses Butte.