Our first main stop was Freezeout Mountain, a ridge runs south for a little more than a mile from the main road on the east-west ridge. We drove down 0.8-0.9 mile to an area with kyanite. Searching along the road and below the road, we found some excellent blue kyanite crystals in the black biotite schist layers of the outcrops. Crystals vary from white to light blue to a dark indigo blue, the latter are often transparent. Most crystals have ragged terminations where they seem to blend into the matrix. Individual crystals are mostly around an inch long and 1/4 inch across, but they are up to at least twice that size.


Kyanite crystal that is 2 inches in length.

Kyanite, large crystal on the right is 1 1/2 inches long.


Kyanite, large crystal on the right is 1 3/4 inches long.

Kyanite, gemmy blue crystal, 7/8 inch long.


The view northerly from Freezeout, lower center is John looking at one of the kyanite-bearing outcrops. The ridge in the background is the route of the main road, which is visible across the grassy slope.

Looking southerly on Freezeout at Hilmar and Heidi working on another kyanite-bearing outcrop.

Next down the road 0.2 to 0.4 mile on Freezeout Mountain ridge is an area with almandine crystals. There is a location on the west side of the road at the north end of an outcrop where almandine crystals have been dug out of the rock. Reportedly, this spot has produced rounded crystals with solid purplish red areas up to 8 inches across. On the east side of the road, amongst the trees, there are several pits dug in the soil where collectors have searched for more almandine crystals. On this trip, we looked in the road, no one broke rock or dug in the pits.


Almandine, moderately sharp dodecahedron, 1 inch across.

Almandine, sharp dodecahedron, 3/4 inch across.

Next on our agenda was some more garnet collecting in the main road. Go to Crater Peak.

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